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[tab]We want to tell you about John and Teresa Musser. Seven years ago they started breeding Tilapia using Aquaponic Farming. They now have a non-profit organization, Aquaponics and Earth, that teaches people in need around the world how to live sustainably using their specific techniques and unique methods of low-cost, high-yield all natural food production. Their heart isn’t only to feed the hungry, but to educate and empower people of all cultures to be self-sustainable, especially orphans and the poor. Some of the projects that they’ve done include Casa Hogar Orphanage in MexicoSustainable Living for Haiti, and Aquaponic Systems in Belize. They have big plans. Among other things, John plans to release an online university where he will be able to train others anywhere in the world on how to become self-sustainable. [/tab]
[tab]Developing natural, sustainable farming techniques that can be implemented virtually anywhere is not only a good idea, in the near future its going to be a necessity. Compared to traditional farming methods, aquaponics uses 70% LESS ENERGY and a fraction of the land. John has now gotten his system down to using only 33 watts of electricity and has developed numerous methods and inventions that increase the effectiveness of their system tremendously. Not only is their work providing a self-sustaining solution to the issue for world hunger, its empowering people with jobs and income. As we all know, many people and villages throughout the world still do not have access to electricity, but that hasn’t stopped John. John searched for a solution to provide solar energy for their units and after 3 years of research and development they are now ready to implement, for the very first time, their aquaponics system 100% off the grid! As a result, this system can now be implemented virtually anywhere in the world! 

Belize Rain Forest 

One major issue in Belize is the destruction of the rain forest for farm land by the native people. This solar-powered sustainable aquaponics system will empower the Maya people to provide for themselves without needing to cut down any more of the rain forest. Read “Next Step” [/tab]

[tab]Part of John’s incredible story of sustainability is developing right now. John and a small team will be returning to the Maya people of Belize 50 miles into the dense rain forest to equip their two aquaponic systems with solar power, making them fully functioning entirely off the grid. Not only is this monumental for the Maya people because it means they will no longer need to cut down the rain forest for additional farm land. This is also a monumental moment for John and Aquaponics & Earth. It’s the first time they will be demonstrating that their self-sustainable food production system can work completely off-the-grid in a remote area. As part of the documentary film, we feel this is a significant turning point in their story that deserves to be told first-hand. We want to be there, on the ground, for this ground-breaking moment. [/tab]
We have come alongside John and Teresa to tell their story and we need your help. We have already begun filming and will be flying to Belize with them September 23rd to capture, for the very first time, John’s system being used totally off the grid! We are volunteering our time, talent, and creativity to serve their needs through photo and video media. Help cover our costs. Here is our Budget (right column of the page).  We have an option for total trip sponsorship which would cover our $4,000 of costs and would be brought to viewers by YOU, otherwise you may contribute any amount you’d like. Thank you in advance!

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Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: We are currently in the process of getting our 501(c)3 status. Once we receive our tax exempt status, donations are deductible retroactively for 27 months prior. Until we achieve 501(c)3 tax-exempt status your donations are not tax-deductible.


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$1,540 -Flights from Dallas to Belize
$760 -In-Country Flights
$260 -Housing
$250 -Food
$450 -Equipment
$300 -Equipment and Travel Insurance
$258 -Additional Costs


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John and Teresa of Aquaponics and Earth
John and Teresa Musser,
Founders of Aquaponics & Earth

Project Progress


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